Dont Be Sidelined by RA-Beat it with Massage Therapy

 There really is no such thing as a mild or moderate form of this disease. Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition which, regardless of how it manifests itself, puts a damper on almost all daily activities of the folks that it affects. Once it shows up, the pain it inflicts and the difficulties that suddenly appear in simple, every day movements inexorably turn ordinary living into a nightmare. The immediate resort, on the part of all these sufferers, to drugs is very understandable, as is their disappointment when one medication after another is unable to live up to its promise. To make things worse, they bring along the very real risk of side effects. The veterans of LaVida Massage of Livonia’s day spa culture have long been able to avoid this dead-end in arthritis treatment by utilizing the one natural remedy that has proven effective – massage therapy.

            An ancient art of physical manipulation of the body turns out to have the ability to regenerate the body’s own system into producing those biochemicals that are the most useful in combating arthritic conditions. Even better, it can do this while the operator applies therapeutic measure topically, so that immediate relief is elicited in the very areas initially attacked by this pernicious disease. Instead of introducing foreign agents into the body whose damage potential is real and not entirely understood, massage therapy harnesses natural defenses found within the individual’s own metabolism.

            The choice of massage category and type, the frequency and order of the sessions, the intensity of the component procedures and products – these are all topics for discussion between patron and staff professionals, with the ultimate, customized itinerary being a package designed for the individual needs and proclivities of the client. It is not unusual for many to initiate their entire day spa rubric with the reflexology procedures, as these are the most effective for those who have grappled with arthritis for some time and whose first order of business is to import a recessionary direction to worsening symptoms. Most progress from there to also incorporate the lymphatic massage into their regular regimen. This specially developed massage technique is prized for its clearing capabilities; therapists delight in using it to flush out those toxins and impurities which form a large part of the reason that the rheumatoid arthritis symptoms first appear. This therapy also rebalances the fluid and nutrient distribution throughout the metabolic systems, so that the immune system is helped in doing its part to quell the arthritic conditions. In these ways, the day spa has proved itself best able to fight back your attack of rheumatoid arthritis.

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