How Can Massage Therapy Treat Patients With Mobility Restrictions?

Limited mobility presents itself in all shapes and forms. Someone may experience difficulty to move around as a result of sore knees, hips, muscles and other areas of the body that for one reason or another do not seem to function as well as they might have at a younger age. Others may be unable to move from stiffness and discomfort resulting from arthritis. The inability to achieve a full range of motion can cause not only physical, but mental anguish with the individual. The inability to move from one location to the next can lead to mental fatigue and frustration, as someone is no longer able to perform their normal daily activities. However, there are a number of ways to improve mobility from these restrictions. While physical therapy and medication can assist in improving mobility, massage therapy can help treat patients with mobility restrictions and improve different means of movement.

Improved Circulation

One of the primary benefits of a professional massage is improved circulation. Improved circulation assists in the relief of a wide variety of ailments, from heart disease all the way to seasonal allergies. It also helps with mobility. Most people suffering from mobility issues experienced damage inside of their muscles. The best way to reverse the damage done to the muscles is to boost circulation. This increased blood flow delivers more essential vitamins and minerals throughout the body, in addition to a increased blood flow level. The increased blood flow and circulation contributes to overall performance levels, which allows for better movement and mobility, in addition to repairing damage previously done to the sore areas of the body. For some who suffer from lymphatic problems or lactic acid buildup around the body (which can cause cold extremities), the boost in circulation ushers away the buildups and improves these areas of the body as well.


Flexibility is a huge improvement stemmed from massage therapy. While this doesn't make up completely for daily stretching, it should allow for a higher degree of flexibility in the days and weeks following a treatment. This greater flexibility makes it more comfortable to move about, particularly for those individuals suffering from stiffness-related mobility problems. Although flexibility may not prove extremely beneficial for others with arthritis and similar medical problems, a greater level of flexibility is what patients ultimately need when dealing with tightness in their body.

Pinched Nerve or Knot

Over time, an individual may experience pinched nerves or large knots in their muscles. A knot typically occurs after performing a particular task for hours at a time on a regular basis (such as sitting at a desk). While knots are painful, the pinched nerve can become particularly excruciating and prevent many kinds of motions. For someone who is unable to turn their necks or have difficulty standing up straight based on the pain they feel, a massage can be all that is needed. The massage therapist is able to work out the knot and soften the muscle, reducing the pain. This also helps ease the tension put on the nerves, allowing the pinched nerved to decompress and relieve the tension placed on it. Depending on the severity of the knot or nerve, it might take a few different sessions to fully remove the pain and tension, but after one session, patients should experience an almost immediate reduction in their pain levels and a boost in mobility.

There are a number of different ways massage therapy can improve the general wellbeing of the person receiving the massage. From improving their mobility to reducing heart disease symptoms, there is a benefit for everyone and it really is a sign as to why everyone should look into regularly experiencing a massage therapy session.

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