Keep Your Sweet Tooth - And Your Figure

 When it comes to indulgences, there is nothing as enticing as confections – and nothing as costly when it comes to the effect on your weight, figure, metabolism and ultimately your very health and well-being. At one time, the sensation we experienced when tasting something sweet was extremely utilitarian, for it was nature’s way of telling us what food were in our interest to be consumed. Unfortunately, the mechanisms of evolutionary biology have not kept pace with technological progress and the modern urban environment, so that what was once a survival tool has turned into something that has the potential of becoming the exact opposite. But here is a solution to this conundrum and, like many of today’s new health and therapy paradigms; it is to be found at your day spa.

            The regimen begins, of course, with nutritional counseling and for this LaVida Massage Livonia has the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals at your beck and call. Most of them will probably counsel you to the benefits of raw honey, as the more natural the form, the better it is for you. Sometimes, you will find a source of sweetness in the most obscure and unlikely places, like the herb stevia that is so powerful that it has the added advantage that a little bit of it packs quite a wallop in comparison to sugar. Some more exotic sources, such as monk fruit extract, combine the quality of sweetness with other healthy features, such as the anti-oxidants they contain which are considered important elements in the prevention of diabetes and even cancer.

            The proper progression leads to various forms of physical activity, without which the first half of the regimen will result in only limited benefits. Research has discovered that, while nearly all forms of physical activity have a positive effect on health and well-being, everything that you embark on will be tremendously enhanced by an intelligent, well-crafted schedule of massage therapy. Which ones are best for you is something between you and your therapist but here are a number of them that are particularly well-suited to complement the eating habits that we have here alluded to. There are a few procedures that can duplicate what can be done with a hot Swedish massage, which sweats off those excess calories while stimulating the digestive system to metabolize those sugar molecules into energy instead of fat. Deep tissue techniques or their exotic shiatsu counterparts will work this magic directly on selected areas of the body, while the famous reflexology procedures or trigger point techniques can augment those efforts by targeting pain areas and increasing flexibility and mobility. Of all your alternatives, only your day spa lets you have both – sweets and sweats.

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