You Were Made for Better Things than RA - Rheumatoid Arthritis!

            It is one of those conditions that can make its appearance gradually or spring into existence suddenly. It is one of those things that can just hang around for a little while and then disappear for quite some time; or it may linger and linger, prolonging periods of intermittent aches, pain and discomfort. It is one of those things that the medical profession and its pharmaceutical associates have been trying to fight for years but with little to show for their efforts. But it is one of those things that expert therapists at your day spa have been giving their clients relief for years. It is called rheumatoid arthritis and the skilled professionals at LaVida Massage Livonia have been using massage therapy and coordinated facial treatments to make this once fearsome disease a thing of the past for their regular patrons who have discovered these benefits.

            Arthritis is caused by a malfunctioning immune system. Rather than wasting time and resources on fruitless efforts to attack its symptoms, LaVida Massage Livonia therapists use established and testing techniques to immediately direct relief to the affected areas. Once that is achieved, measures are put in place to rectify the imbalance in the immune system and deal with the ultimate source of the problem.

            To alleviate the pain and difficulty of movement in the areas directly affected by arthritic conditions, the reflexology procedure is the massage therapy most often recommended by LaVida Massage Livonia staff therapists. Follow up procedures with a well-executed deep tissue massage or trigger point mechanism will lay the immediate problem to rest and afford the client the ease and mobility of everyday movement enjoyed before the RA condition appeared. Many LaVida Massage Livonia veterans will include an ultrasonic facial in this protocol, as it has the ability to add further flexibility and elasticity to the muscles in those areas while reducing any of the strains that may have developed. The combined treatment provides a tremendous boost to muscle strength in the affected areas as well, preventing the atrophy that is often associated with RA. Finally, the inclusion of a lymphatic massage in the client’s itinerary will balance the immune system output, so that the arthritis bugaboo is consigned to history.


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